Corporate Advisory

Selling A Business

It’s a big call. Not necessarily the hardest thing you will do in your life but one of them. You have built your business over a prolonged period of time. Letting go and, more importantly, when to let go is hard.

We bring 30 years of tax, legal and business expertise advising similar companies including two as principal.

We know what the important bits are and we understand timing.

Even if you have the skills to do it yourself we bring strong, dispassionate counsel and enable you to maintain positive relationships with investors and run your business on a day- to-day basis throughout the transaction.

Most importantly, we know who the buyers and investors are and already have existing relationships with them.

Acquiring a Business

Buyer beware!

We bring insight and market intelligence.

With an intimate knowledge of the market place we can quickly bring the right people to your attention. Our research is critical and enables smart informed decisions to be made.

We understand the gap between vendor expectation and business capability and work with clients to ensure issues are removed at an early stage through astute due diligence and communication.

Capital Funding

We have experience in capital raising through IPO’s, Private Equity and Debt.

We understand the rules and the expectations. We work hard to match the right funding for each business on a case-by-case basis.

We recognize that there must be consistency and consensus when dealing with key stakeholders and ensuring delivery of mutually agreed objectives.


We provide consulting services across a number of disciplines ranging from strategy and business planning to value add through sales programmes, operational efficiencies and risk management.