Investment Catalysts

The Investment Catalysts Programme (ICP) is a series of events aimed at developing the tools and activations to align potential investors with relevant projects. A combination of briefings, workshops and boardroom round tables will assist in the creation of these tools and activations with the objective of precipitating change and generating tangible new business. 

ICP recognises that we must challenge the everyday assumptions of existing frameworks, how integration works in the new economic environment through partnership, joint ventures, collaborations and shared best practice, and, how businesses need to change strategy, processes and roles, rapidly, radically and measurably if they are to survive and succeed. The rate of change is exponential not incremental.

ICP aims to help remove any disconnect between policy and implementation. After structural reform has been defined we need to road test, refine and deliver new best practice by example. In seeking to drive growth across all facets of the economy Investment Catalyst Programmes will deliver tools and activations in the following areas:


 Infrastructure | Trade | Health

Digital Technologies & Communications

Tourism | Sport | Community

The B20 recommendations to the G20 seek coordinated global action. In attempting to create the step change necessary to deliver on these recommendations Inconcert has partnered with the Australian British Chamber of Commerce to develop Investment Catalyst Programmes in the areas of Infrastructure, Digital Technologies and Communications, Trade and Tourism.

Further partnerships in these areas plus those of Health, Sport & Community will be announced in coming months.