The B20 recommendations to the G20 seek coordinated global action. In attempting to create the step change necessary to deliver on these recommendations Inconcert has partnered with the Australian British Chamber of Commerce to develop Investment Catalyst Programmes in the areas of Infrastructure, Digital Technologies and Communications, Trade and Tourism.

By bringing together representatives from both countries from the Government, Infrastructure, Trade, Investment, Tourism and Digital Economy communities the programmes seek to highlight and reinforce the cooperation between the two countries and provide the catalyst for further investment and awareness of the opportunities.


Our key outcomes from preliminary discussions are:

  • lower the barriers to doing business between the two countries in key sectors
  • engage both investment communities in a focused manner in each country in line with the opportunity pipelines of the alternate country
  • promote the creation of a transferable platform for infrastructure development as a staging post for the development of the B20/G20 Infrastructure Knowledge Hub
  • promotion of the opportunity to collaborate and drive innovation in technology, communications and related infrastructure service
  • increasing bi-lateral trade and investment as well as tourism opportunities and relationships through economic diplomacy
  • promotion of a common interest in a stable and prosperous bilateral relationship and the formation of stronger multilateral relationships through opportunities to collaborate on opportunities in Australia, the UK and the Asia Pacific region

Further details will be available at the ICP launch in Canberra on 29th October. Please contact Andy Turnbull on 0400 695204 or if you would like to attend the launch and be part of one of these programmes.